Tar and Gravel Roof Replacement

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Tar and Gravel Roof Replacement

A tar and gravel roof that has patches over more than twenty-five percent is in need of replacement.

The professional staff at Accent Roofing of Amarillo has the experience you need to assess your tar and gravel roof. Frequent inspections can help keep your roof functioning for several decades. When the time comes to replace your tar and gravel roof, Accent Roofing has the expertise to help you analyze your roof and begin the replacement process.

A tar and gravel roof that has patches over more than twenty-five percent is in need of replacement. Installing a new tar and gravel roofing system is a major investment with many benefits. Typically a tar and gravel roof will last up to thirty years. Tar and gravel roofing is solid and secure. Debris does not hamper drainage due to the roofing gravel’s ability to hold items in place. This allows roof drains to remain clear and water to properly drain. Tar and gravel roofing also offers potential savings on energy costs. The gravel acts as insulation against temperature fluctuations. It also reflects ultraviolet rays, keeping your home cooler. Keep in mind that if your roof is older than twenty years, you may begin to notice more signs indicating it is time to begin considering a tar and gravel roof replacement. 

Tar and gravel roofs are composed of three to five layers of asphalt, hot tar, and roofing felt. A layer of bitumen and mineral coating is added on top and is covered with gravel. The gravel acts as a weight to protect the roof against sun damage. A layer of gravel should be maintained on the roof at all times to protect your roof from being punctured and to allow proper drainage. 

To determine if you are in need of a tar and gravel roof replacement, you should inspect your roof carefully. Accent Roofing of Amarillo can help perform your inspection safely. A complete roof inspection requires walking the roof in order to locate potential damage. As you or your roofing professionals are walking on the roof, areas that are spongy or feel less firm could indicate damage that is difficult to see. Excessive patches, loose areas, depressions, deteriorated surfaces, cracking, and discoloration are indications of a roof in need of replacing. Strong sun, heavy rain, and heavy snows can additionally cause a tar and gravel roof to wear down. Ponding on a tar and gravel roof can cause serious damage. The increased weight on the roof from ponding water can change its structure. Depressions formed by ponding water lead to constant pooling. Continued pooling could allow vegetation to begin growing on the roof’s surface. Vegetation will cause even more damage by putting down root systems which continue to hold moisture on the roof. A tar and gravel roof with a damaged drainage system will need to be replaced since water will no longer effectively drain from the roof. 

Accent Roofing of Amarillo is dedicated to installing the roof you need. Our staff will work with you throughout the process of replacing your tar and gravel roof to ensure you are completely satisfied. Let us help you protect your property with a stunning new roof.