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Roof Replacement

Your roof is the most important part of your home. It stands between your family and the West Texas weather. Your roof shelters your loved ones and your place from extreme heat, gusting wind, and severe thunderstorms. It is important to take care of your roof and replace it as needed.

Damaged Roof Replacement

In the wild West Texas weather, your roof has a big job. If your roof is damaged, your home and family could be at risk. Learning you need to replace your roof can be overwhelming. Accent Roofing of Amarillo can inspect your roof and then walk you through the process of replacing it. A roof that is damaged is poor protection and can even be a danger to your home and family.

Flat Roof Replacement

Many home or office owners are pleasantly surprised when they learn how their existing flat roof in Amarillo can be repaired with PVC membranes, which reduces the cost and mess of replacing an old roof. The huge savings from the PVC membrane repair compared to replacement is enough for even a skeptic to give a second glance.

Residential Roof Replacement

Your home’s roof serves as the primary protection against the harsh West Texas weather. Accent Roofing of Amarillo is dedicated to working with homeowners to ensure the integrity of their roofing system and the safety of their home.  

Commercial Roof Replacement

Owning and maintaining a commercial building can be costly. Roofing maintenance and repair is at the top of the list when it comes to cost. The West Texas weather can be very hard on roofing, making proper repairs key to saving you both time and money. Accent Roofing of Amarillo is the professional roofing company you need to maintain and repair the roof of your commercial building.

Wood Roof Replacement

When the time comes to repair your wood roof, Accent Roofing of Amarillo has the expertise needed to do the job. Typically wooden shingles last between fifteen and forty years based on exposure and roof slope. Areas where water is allowed to collect are more prone to wear and damage.

Composition Roof Replacement

Accent Roofing is the expert you need for all of your roofing repairs. Composition roofing is one of the most popular and affordable types of roofing available. The life of a composition roof can depend on the type of composition shingles chosen. Most composition roofing has a life of twenty years or more. The life of composition roofing can be increased through regular maintenance and repairs when necessary.  

Tar and Gravel Roof Replacement

If you have a flat roof, it is likely a tar and gravel roof. Tar and gravel roofing is also called built up roofing. Several layers of waterproof material are layered with hot tar. Finally, the top layer is usually gravel to weigh down the roof, protect it from the sun, and serve as decoration. There are a wide range of materials available to layer. Traditionally, tar paper was used. Today’s layers utilize more advanced layers such as fiberglass membranes.

Asphalt Flat Roof Replacement

One of the most important components of your home, office, or business is its roof. The roofing on your building ensures that the building is protected and safe from the elements. Flat roofing is a type of roofing that requires thought and precision in order to function properly and protect your home, office, or business.

PVC Roof Replacement

Flat roof repair can be tricky. There are a wide range of available roofing systems, and repairs vary according to the type of roof you have. Accent Roofing of Amarillo is experienced with all types of flat roofing systems. Their expertise with flat roofing means your repairs are done correctly and your roof is secure.

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofing is a durable choice that is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. In fact metal roofing comes in a wide range of metal choices, colors, finishes, and shapes. Metal roofing also comes in a variety of styles. It can be made to resemble wood shakes, slate, clay tiles, or mimic any other roofing style. Accent Roofing of Amarillo offers local expertise on installing and replacing metal roofing.

Rubber Roof Replacement

Rubber roofing systems offer excellent protection and durability. Accent Roofing of Amarillo has the expertise to evaluate your rubber roofing system and help you begin the replacement process. As always, leaking roofs indicate the need to either replace or repair your roof. Water damage on the ceiling, down the walls, or in your attic can mean your roof has reached the end of its life. Water pooling on the roof, debris, and significant patches are other indications that it may be time to replace your rubber roof.

Hail Damage Roof Replacement

West Texas weather is wild and unpredictable. Spring and summer storms often bring high winds, rain, and even hail. Hail of any size can cause damage to your property. After a hail storm, it is important to assess your home, and especially your roof, for damage. Accent Roofing is here to help. We can help you determine the extent of damage and whether you will need to replace your roof.

Accent Roofing of Amarillo offers a comprehensive array of roof replacement services, all designed to fortify your home or commercial property against the unforgiving West Texas weather:

Roof Replacement: Your roof is the primary defense against the harsh elements of West Texas. It's crucial to replace it when required to ensure the safety of your family and property.

Damaged Roof Replacement: When your roof is damaged by the relentless West Texas weather, it's not only a potential threat to your home and loved ones but also an overwhelming situation. We step in with inspections and a clear replacement plan.

Flat Roof Replacement: We surprise property owners with cost-effective PVC membrane repairs, a less disruptive alternative to full flat roof replacement.

Residential Roof Replacement: Your home's safety depends on a secure roofing system, and we're dedicated to maintaining it through precise replacements.

Commercial Roof Replacement: Roof maintenance is a significant expense for commercial property owners. We understand the toll that West Texas weather takes on roofs and provide professional solutions.

Wood Roof Replacement: We have the expertise to repair wood roofs, known to last 15 to 40 years, with particular attention to areas prone to water damage.

Composition Roof Replacement: As experts in composition roofing, we extend its lifespan through regular maintenance and necessary repairs.

Tar and Gravel Roof Replacement: Common on flat roofs, we use advanced materials for replacement, preserving the integrity of your property.

Asphalt Flat Roof Replacement: We understand the importance of flat roofing in safeguarding your building, ensuring it remains secure.

PVC Roof Replacement: Flat roof repair requires precision and a deep understanding of various systems, ensuring your roof's security.

Metal Roof Replacement: We provide local expertise in installing and replacing stylish and durable metal roofing.

Rubber Roof Replacement: When leaks and water damage occur, we evaluate your rubber roofing system to determine if a replacement is necessary.

Hail Damage Roof Replacement: West Texas weather can bring hailstorms that wreak havoc on roofs. After such an event, we assess the damage and offer a replacement plan.

Accent Roofing ensures that your property remains resilient against West Texas's unpredictable climate. Our professional replacement services provide peace of mind, safeguarding your home or business.