Composition Roof Replacement

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Composition Roof Replacement

Like all roofing systems, composition roofing needs to be inspected regularly.

Accent Roofing of Amarillo has the expertise you need to replace your composition roof. The most common type of roofing system is composition shingles. Composition shingles protect the home without the added weight other roofing materials bring. The lighter material and the fire protection it offers, make composition roofing popular. 

Like all roofing systems, composition roofing needs to be inspected regularly. During inspections, signs will begin to appear that indicate it is time to replace your roof. Accent Roofing of Amarillo will look for loose, cracked, or damaged shingles. Another indication of roof damage is missing shingles. Roofing that is sagging not only indicates a damaged roof, but could indicate further problems. Mold, rot, and signs of water leaks are other signals of roofing in need of replacement. Severely damaged roofs may contain small to significant holes and dark spongy spots. Typically, a composition roof will require replacement every twelve to twenty years. In areas that experience severe weather situations, the lifespan of a roof can decrease. Extreme temperatures and severe storms can quickly wear out a roof. Your roof is essential to protect your home. Accent Roofing of Amarillo is dedicated to working with you to keep your home safe.

A close inspection of your roof is necessary to locate worn and damaged areas. Accent Roofing can help you evaluate your roof. One obvious sign of a composition roof in need of replacement is missing shingles. Most often, shingles are blown away during storms and high winds. Missing shingles leave your roof more vulnerable to water damage, allowing water into your attic.

Composition shingles that show lifting are also susceptible to water damage. As shingles begin to lift at the bottom, they risk being blown off. Sometimes lifting is caused by shingles that have not sealed properly. This can happen when the roofing is uneven or installation occurred in cold weather. Shingles that are curling on the corners and edges can also allow water to damage the roof. Curling shingles are a definite signal that a roof is in need of replacement. Poorly ventilated attics can cause the roof to age more quickly, leading to curling shingles. 

Cracks in composition shingles are entry points for water. There are many causes for cracked composition shingles. High wind can be one cause of cracks. In areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, cracks may occur due to the shrinking and expanding of the shingles. Manufacturing defects and improper installation could also cause cracking. When you notice cracks in your shingles, it is time to consider a composition roof replacement. 

Often moisture in the roof sheathing or felt paper can cause the shingles to expand and buckle. This is an indication that the sheathing is installed too tightly or the attic is not ventilated properly. Unfortunately, buckling shingles indicate the need for a roof replacement in most cases. Another clue that signals the need for a new composition roof is dark spots or missing granules. The granules on the roofing surface wear away as the roof ages. Areas where the granules have completely gone may become dark and discolored. Granules in the gutters and downspouts are another signal of a worn roofing.

A roof that is missing flashing is in danger of water damage. The flashing is the metal or tar strip that prevents water from penetrating cracks and gaps in a roof. It prevents water leaks and damage. Areas where flashing is missing or separating need to be repaired and/or replaced as soon as possible. Another indication of a composition roof in need of replacement is a large amount of moss, moisture, or mold. When the roof is not able to dry out, the likelihood for leaking and further damage increases. In addition to the damage it is causing, mold and moss can be unsightly. 

Typically composition roofing lasts between 5 and 15 yrs in the Texas Panhandle. If your roofing is in this range, it is important that it is inspected regularly and replaced when necessary. Composition roof replacement is a major investment. The professionals at Accent Roofing of Amarillo are available to help you begin the process of replacing your roof.