Rubber Roof Replacement

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Rubber Roof Replacement

Rubber roofing that has been contaminated by using asphalt products or roofing cement must be replaced.

Rubber roofing systems offer excellent protection and durability. Accent Roofing of Amarillo has the expertise to evaluate your rubber roofing system and help you begin the replacement process. 
As always, leaking roofs indicate the need to either replace or repair your roof. Water damage on the ceiling, down the walls, or in your attic can mean your roof has reached the end of its life. Water pooling on the roof, debris, and significant patches are other indications that it may be time to replace your rubber roof. 

Rubber roofing that has been contaminated by using asphalt products or roofing cement must be replaced. These materials cause the rubber roof to age and become brittle. If your rubber roof is near fifty years old, it is at the end of its life. Repairs may cost as much as a new roof, so a replacement would be recommended. One of the most common problems leading to rubber roof replacement is a roof that does not properly drain. 

A new rubber roof offers leak protection and can help reduce energy bills. If the roof is not draining properly, the framing will need to be checked for rot and replaced as necessary. Once that has been done, the next part of the replacement process requires the old roof to be completely stripped. Accent Roofing of Amarillo has the tools and equipment to properly assess your roof and begin the replacement process. After removing the old roofing materials, sheathing will be replaced and a layer of insulation will be added. After the insulation is laid and covered, it will be secured. From there, the rubber can be added. The rubber is rolled out, smoothed, and secured with adhesives. Seams will be carefully sealed to ensure they are waterproof and last for the life of the roof. The roof may need to be rolled to ensure the seams are secure and the roof properly sealed. Once your rubber roof is in place, proper maintenance is key to ensuring your roof lasts. Should repairs be needed, they should occur promptly to minimize damage. 

Accent Roofing of Amarillo offers professional evaluations and recommendations for replacing your rubber roof. After an evaluation, Accent Roofing’s expert staff can help you through the process of replacement. Their expertise will ensure that your rubber roof is installed properly, offering protection for forty or more years. The durability of rubber roofs will keep your home or office safe from the unpredictable weather of West Texas.