Flat Roof Repair

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Flat Roof Repair

There are four common types of flat roof in Amarillo

Flat Roof Repair
Many home or office owners are pleasantly surprised when they learn how their existing flat roof in Amarillo can be repaired with PVC membranes, which reduces the cost and mess of replacing an old roof. The huge savings from the PVC membrane repair compared to replacement is enough for even a skeptic to give a second glance. 

There are four common types of flat roof in Amarillo, which we repair using a PVC Flat Roof system:
Tar and Gravel, Rubber Roofing, Asphalt Rolled Roofing, and Ballasted Rubber Roofing. We will cover each of these roofs, and how the repair process works.

Tar and Gravel Flat Roofs
Tar and Gravel roofs are great for PVC repair, because they can save you, the owner, a lot of cash. Tear off on a tar and gravel roof can be expensive, messy, and hard, and leaving an existing roof in place and repairing instead of replacing can save up to half of the cost of a flat roof repair. Flat roofs in Amarillo are repaired easily using pea gravel, with a thin sheet of insulation over the gravel. A half inch of insulation flattens out the roof by absorbing the gravel shape, and once the insulation is in place, the roof is ready to be repaired with the PVC membrane. 

Tar and Gravel roofs can be identified by the small “pea” gravel embedded in tar. These are common on shopping centers and larger commercial buildings which were built in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Rubber Roofs
Rubber flat roofs are the easiest and least expensive flat roof in Amarillo to repair. A rubber roof is glued down and tightly stretched, which creates a solid, flat area to repair. PVC membranes are 100% compatible with EPDM rubber roofs, and can be installed over the rubber directly, without insulation or separation required. 

Asphalt Rolled Roofing
Asphalt Rolled Roofing in Amarillo, or Modified Roofing Sheets, can be repaired by separating the asphalt roof from the PVC membrane, which is easily done by installing insulation over the roof before PVC installation. A separator sheet can also be installed along the protective wall along the edge of the roof before the PVC is used to cover the roof. 

Ballasted Rubber Roofing
A Ballasted Rubber Roof in Amarillo is easy to identify, it has large, round river stones covering a flat roof. Underneath the river stone lies a rubber roof. The river stone serves a purpose, by weighing down the rubber, as this kind of rubber roof is not glued. These roofs in Amarillo can be repaired with a PVC membrane, but unlike a tar and gravel roof, the river stones must be removed. We use large vacuum trucks to suck the rock off the roof, and can easily remove 20, 000 square feet of large stone per day, if there is a dump area close enough to leave the rock. Once the rock is off, the PVC can immediately be laid on the roof. 

Being able to repair an existing flat roof can dramatically lower your flat roof repair in Amarillo, and is an option most owners are glad to explore. To see if your flat roof is good to repair, call Accent Roofing of Amarillo for a free inspection!