Rain Damaged Roof Repair

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Rain Damaged Roof Repair

Damage due to heavy rains should be identified and repaired as soon as possible.

In the Texas Panhandle, the security of your home or business depends on your roof. Damage to your roof can seem minor at first, but often leads to much larger problems down the road. West Texas weather is unpredictable and often severe. The area is most often dry and windy, but when it rains, it often pours. Heavy rain can damage your roof quickly with long-lasting effects. If you suspect damage from heavy rains, you can call Accent Roofing of Amarillo to help you locate and assess the damage. 

Damage due to heavy rains should be identified and repaired as soon as possible. Many times, heavy rain will cause more damage on a roof that is old. Older roofing may curl or warp and seals weaken. When this happens, water leaks occur more easily. Heavy rain damage can also occur as the result of gutter issues. Your gutters should be checked and cleared often. When debris builds up in the gutters, water can more easily flow underneath shingles or tiles to cause damage. Another area of weakness in your roof may be your skylights. It is important to maintain seals around the skylights to keep out water. Skylights should also receive timely inspections to ensure they are not cracked or damaged.  

If you notice damage during or after heavy rain, do not wait. Have your roof inspected promptly so repairs can begin. If it is during a rainstorm, do everything you can to prevent further damage to your home. Put down containers to catch water. Lay out towels to soak up leaks. Wipe walls or ceilings where water is coming through. Move or turn off electronics near the leak. Remove furniture from the area. Then contact Accent Roofing of  Amarillo. We can help you through the process of water damage repair.  

Timely roofing repairs can eliminate severe water damage. Left unchecked, your home could be compromised in many ways. Heavy rain can allow water to collect under your shingles and lead to roof rot. Mold and mildew can begin to grow and invade your home. The structural integrity of your home could be compromised.  

Heavy rainstorms in the Texas Panhandle are usually considered blessings. Frequent inspections of your roofing can help maintain the security of your home. Should you suspect or experience roof damage during a storm, quick repairs will keep the damage from becoming worse over time. Don’t wait for evidence of storm damage. Call Accent Roofing of Amarillo to help you find the damage and repair it before the next big storm.