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Skylight Repair

Don't let the leaks start!

Skylight Repair Amarillo

Bringing natural lighting in dark or windowless rooms is possible. Skylights allow rooms, such as hallways or wardrobes, to have natural light. It is a feasible ecological and economical alternative to artificial lighting. Simple to install, economical in use, skylights are not lacking in arguments. Accent Roofing is Amarillo’s best roofing contractor. Contact us for all types of skylight repairs.

A great alternative to artificial light

To optimize the lighting of your home or business, we install perfectly sealed skylights. These devices are used to illuminate the interior of rooms, hallways, and even wardrobes.They store the solar rays coming from the roof and diffuse them in the room to be lit, thanks to a light diffusion system. Very practical, this system is an excellent alternative to artificial light. Also, it will allow you to considerably lower your heating bill.

Efficient repair of your skylights

The skylights in your building can be damaged due to several factors such as humidity, which can lead to more or less severe problems (leaks). If you have any problem with your skylight, give us a call. Specialized in repairing skylights, we guarantee you excellent service, from diagnosis to system overhaul.With many decades of roofing repair and installation experience, we can also install and repair skylights on any roof. Our services are dedicated to individuals and businesses in Amarillo, TX.

Where can a skylight get damaged?

The most "sensitive" windows in a home are those outside the house. The dome and the flashing are more particularly exposed to wind, cold, rain, or even snow and are more exposed to the elements. To prevent any leaks, make sure when installing that your skylight is perfectly waterproofed.You can add protection to your skylight by installing protective cages and or tempered glass skylights. But, sometimes the tubes are damaged on reflective skylights ( Sun Tunnels/Solar Tubes). Most of the time, these are low-end tubes (off brands) covered with a reflective surface, directly glued to the tube which easily fades or peels off. To prevent this risk, verify that the model you are about to purchase meets standards.

Skylight repairs: who to contact?

Most of the devices currently on the market have a warranty ranging from 2 to 10 years. So choose these models when buying your skylight. If your installation is damaged, you must first contact the manufacturer to take care of the repairs if their warranty still covers you. If their warranty no longer covers you, contact Accent Roofing professionals.

Can you repair a skylight yourself?

Most often, repairs are to the dome, flashing, or reflective tube of the skylight. You can replace defective parts yourself if you are a seasoned handyman or have a solid understanding of coverage.If you decide to go for it, you will have to go to the roof, so be particularly vigilant. For a smooth and safe repair, it is advisable to call in a specialist who will repair your skylight or install a new one. Specialists can also provide you with valuable advice to make the most of your installation.Work with Accent Roofing for your skylight repair project. We are a premier roofing company with deep expertise in all roofing projects. Professionalism, integrity, and quality workmanship is what we bring to the table.Call us at (806) 457-1777.