Wind Damage Roofs

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Wind Damage Roofs

At Accent Roofing, we understand the extreme West Texas weather. From heat to cold, from hail to snow, or from dry to windy, we know the damage our weather can cause to your roof.

Roofing is designed to withstand whatever nature throws at it. Year after year, your roof protects your home or workspace from the elements. West Texas is famous for its high winds, and they can wreak havoc on your roof.  Roofing is designed to handle all types of weather. Windstorms can be more destructive than you think. Most roofing can withstand winds up to ninety miles per hour. Some are designed for even higher winds. Hurricanes and tornadoes are not the only wind forces that can damage your roof. Severe thunderstorms often have winds over 100 miles per hour.  

Wind can damage roofing more or less depending on the layout of your roof. Homes with gables often experience more damage. Corners and eaves are more vulnerable, as well. If your roofing materials are thinner or of poor-quality, they will not be as resilient to wind damage. Installation is also a factor. Poor installation could lead to shingles flying away during a storm. In addition to the wind and the damage it can cause, what is carried by the wind poses a threat. Hail, debris, tree limbs - these are all effects of high winds and can cause significant damage to your roofing system during and after a storm. Perhaps the greatest factor for wind damage to your roof is simple wear. Over time, sealants between shingles begin to fail. Shingles can curl and crack. Repeated freezing and thawing causes shingles to wear and may rot the underlying structures. The wear and tear your roof experiences over time makes it increasingly vulnerable to wind damage. 

After a storm, you should look for signs of wind damage. You might find shingles on the ground. Look over your roof for missing shingles or other signs of wear. Wind damage may not tear shingles off entirely. Unsealed shingles can flap or move in the wind. You may be able to see creases showing shingles are unsealed and damaged by flexing. Other signs of damage include warping. The corners of your roof may appear to be curling or there may be gaps between the roof and the fascia. Keep in mind that your wind damaged roof is at high risk for further and more severe damage if it is not repaired in a timely manner.  

After every storm or wind event, you should visually inspect your roof. If you notice signs of damage, you should contact Accent Roofing to evaluate your roof as soon as possible. Be sure you document what you can see. When we inspect your roof, we will include photos and a written description of the damage. Accent Roofing will also include a detailed inventory of needed repairs and a cost estimate. Next, contact your insurance company and review your manufacturer and contractor warranties. Your insurance will send an inspector to review the damage and tell you what they will pay. If your roofing is ten or more years old, your insurance could pay less. Be sure you review your coverage carefully. 

Dealing with wind damage on your roof can be difficult. Accent Roofing of Amarillo can help you through the process. We will work to get you the quality repairs with our experience, integrity, and dedication to customer service. We want to ensure your roof will keep you safe from the next West Texas weather event.