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Getting the Rain off Your Roof

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A properly functioning gutter system is an important investment for your home. An improperly installed gutter system can result in expensive damages to your landscaping, walkways, and even roof. Whether you see a storm on the horizon or hear the crack of thunder, you know a storm is coming. You depend on your home’s roof to keep the rain out of your home, but are your gutters up to the task of removing this water?

Getting the Rain off Your Roof
Your  average home measures 3000 square feet, and the amount of rain that hits the roof is very high. Where does the water go?  The roof slope is where the drainage start. The higher the slope, the faster water moves off. To stop water from penetrating the attic, the roof decking needs to be installed strong and tight.
The water hits the gutters once it leaves the roof. This gutters collects the rain and leads it away from the home. However, the seamless gutter need to be properly sloped to get the water in the right direction.

Negative drainage often manifests in older drainage systems where the downspouts drain slightly away from the foundation, while the modern drainage systems connects the downspouts to underground pipes, which pushes the water well away from the house – keeping the water from getting near the foundation.

How do you know your Roof Drainage is working properly?
Have you observed what happens with water on a roof when rain falls? If not, you should take a walk outside and watch what happens.

You will likely find that water is flowing down close to the foundation of your house, which is contrary to what you need – the water should drain into the gutters and flow smoothly into the downspouts. It is also possible that water will skip your gutter system and go into the ground, or enter the gutter system and get backed up, causing erosion.

If you notice any abnormalities or notice your water not draining like it should, call Accent Roofing Of Amarillo, your local Gutter experts!