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Window Installation

7 Reasons you should replace your Windows

Window Installation – Accent Roofing Company
Windows have many roles in a home; They protect the home from wind, rain, and snow, act as a barrier from sound, and also allow you to look at the outside world. If even a single window doesn’t perform its role properly, you need to consider a window replacement. 

7 Reasons you should replace your Windows

Save Money
: Old single-pane windows provide a smaller amount of insulation value and allow both heat and cold inside your Amarillo home, whereas new, double paned windows feature much higher insulation value and can save you money on your energy bill.

Prevent Costly Repairs: High quality windows keep the elements outside. By doing so, your heating and air systems don’t have to work as hard, extending their lifetime.

Make your home look nice: Old windows with rotten frames can make your home look unmaintained; New updated windows make your home look much better.

Reduce Sound Pollution: Did you know that single-pane windows do very little to stop exterior noise from getting into your house? Modern double-pane windows keep much more sound from entering your home, as the space between the panes buffers out most sound. Reduce Maintenance Costs: Modern windows that are made from aluminum that have built-in color, unlike old wooden frame windows that need to be painted and checked periodically for rot.

Increase your Property Value: Replaced Windows can increase your home's value, and potential buyers view homes with new windows more favorably.

Protect interior furnishings from UV damage. Most new windows come with built-in UV protection. This UV Protection keeps rugs and furniture from fading due to UV damage.

With a commitment to superior customer satisfaction and the best materials in the industry, our professional and knowledgeable staff can fix your faulty window and install new ones. If you’re looking for friendly, experienced, professional and local window installation and window replacement, call Accent Roofing of Amarillo We offer affordable double-pane replacement windows with low-e tint and argon gas filler.